MUN Training & Conduct at TSWREIS

Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Educational Society headed by Dr. R S Praveen Kumar, IPS of Government of Telangana initiated the idea of Model UN and learning through Model UN in their Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions, and we have partnered with them in educating their English and Social Teachers in a training program at

Dr. MCR HRD, Hyderabad. Later, during a three-month period, we have supported, guided, and trained the students in 14 districts of Telangana, and culminated the project with a State Level Model UN during December 2019.

ExploEducation by FDR

ExploEducation was power by Foundation For Democratic Reforms and we collaborated with them to organize and executive this research-driven learning extravaganza. Under this program, a team of 50 researchers from across the country have visited Schools in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as part of exploring best practices as far as teaching, administration and school education are concerned. Under the abled mentorship of Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, Secretary at FDR and a Former IAS Officer, this endeavor was driven in a certain direction and it was a true learning extravaganza. As part of this program, we visited about 30 schools that stand out from the usual schools. We discovered innovation in education here.

Public Speaking | MUNs | Motivational Talks

As part of pro-bono, I often take time out to address youngsters and interact with them regularly in different schools and colleges. I have trained several students and teachers of various schools on the aspects concerning Model UN, Life, Spirituality, Motivational Talks, and so on.

Over 100 Educational Institutions, I have been to and am still associated with in various capacities to enhance learning and make a difference in society.

DAV Model United Nations

Two consecutive editions of DAV Public School, Safilguda Model United Nations conference was hosted and organized by Raygalla, (me). This whole endeavor involved training, execution, the conduct of the Model UN in an event management way covering technical aspects of the Model UN conference and bringing eminence to the conference to inspire and motivate the young aspirants of global peace.

The idea is to spread the knowledge of global politics and inculcate the skill of diplomacy and public speaking into the younglings of our society.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy is an amalgamation of power-nap, meditation, music therapy, energy management, and introspection through conversations. The idea is to reflect enough on oneself and to find a balance between mind, body, and soul. Across the schools and colleges, including corporates, this program has helped many. Soon this will be implemented for TS Police personnel.